Gutter cleaning / gutter vacuuming

Firstly, gutter cleaning is not an easy task and it can be very dangerous. It is always best to call a professional who has the correct equipment and insurances.

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Cleaning gutters on your property is very important because blocked or leaky gutters can cause damage to your paintwork and can also cause damp in your bricks potentially leading to more expensive problems in the future.

Gutters that fill up with moss can become heavy, therefore leading to uneven gutters that do not flow correctly. If you do have blocked gutters and do not do anything about it, over time larger problems will more than likely arise.

Having your gutters checked and cleared around once a year is advised. If you live near lots of trees or woodland then you may need to have them cleared more often.

Wizard uses a powerful wet and dry vacuum suction system with extension poles attached. To see what we are doing and to see what needs cleaning, we use specially designed mirrors and when needed, a video camera to ensure that all gutters are fully cleared of leaves, moss, silt and other debris.
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These methods allow us to gain safe access to clear gutters in difficult and awkward places such as over conservatories, porches and extensions. This not only greatly reduces the risk of an accident happening but also gives customers peace of mind whilst work is taking place at their property.

Wizard is a registered, licensed waste carrier and will always bag up any waste made at a customers property and dispose of in the correct manner. Unless a customer wants to keep for composting etc.

If you are unsure about anything or have any queries about Wizard’s high-tech gutter clearance service call us today on 01603 748750

Wizard External Cleaning Services NorwichWizard External Cleaning Services Norwich