Pressure Washing / Patio cleaning

Pressure washing is an excellent service and can be performed to almost any external surface such as patios, driveways, brick weave, paving slabs, imprinted concrete / stone, walls, steps, crazy paving, tarmac, fences, swimming pools and much more..

Wizard External Cleaning Services Norwich - Pressure washing before and after

Using our powerful specialist pressure washing equipment, your surfaces will be looking their best once again! Pressure washing can eliminate ground in dirt, moss, most tough stains, bird mess, chewing gum etc. Paths covered in moss can become extremely slippery when wet!

This service really helps to improve the image of your property and can make such a difference to your home.

If you are trying to sell your home, then pressure washing surfaces outside of your home can give a great first impression to potential buyers.

Restoring your patio by having it cleaned, is the cheapest most effective way to improve it. Wizard’s prices are a fraction of the cost of having a new patio installed so our service really is a cost effective way to maintain your patio / driveway.

There are added options once your surface has been pressure washed of having it sanded and sealed. Adding a seal to your patio keeps it protected and much easier to maintain and clean.

We use great pressure washing equipment when cleaning our customers surfases. Our specialised equipment can make all the difference between doing a good and a great job. We never have to plug into our customers electricity supply when we pressure wash because all of our machines our petrol driven.

Here at Wizard External Cleaning Services we pride ourselves on doing a great job for our customers. We will take care of your patio / driveway from start to finish. We prepare your surface by clearing and sweeping any mess or debri and also we will move any flower pots and garden furniture etc.

There’s no getting away from it, pressure washing can get messy but we take every precaution to keep mess down to a minimum. Where mess does occur, we will always clean and will NOT leave a customers property until we our satisfied that all areas are clean and our customer is happy.

A patio at your property can be a nice, relaxing place to be. Wizard External Cleaning Services has the ability to vastly improve your patio and in some cases can transform it back to how it looked the day it was first laid.

If you are unsure or want to find out more information about Wizard’s pressure washing and surface sealing services call and speak to us today on 01603 748750 for guaranteed results that are visibly wizardly!

Wizard External Cleaning Services NorwichWizard External Cleaning Services Norwich