Patio and surface sanding / sealing

Patio sanding and sealing are added options once a customer has had their patio, drive or path pressure washed.

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Once fully cleaned and your surface has had a chance to completely dry out (This takes at least 2-3 days) Wizard gives you the option of having your surface sanded. This involves brushing kiln dried sand over your surface covering all of the cracks and gaps in between bricks etc. Kiln dried sand is excellent to use after pressure washing and is always advised.

Some surfaces, especially block and brick paving have to be sanded. If you do not have these surfaces sanded then the structure of the patio / driveway will begin to have movement and will become unstable.

We also use a weed free sand. This helps to keep weeds down to a minimum.

We believe that sanding your surface makes a big difference with the end result of the job.

For the complete service it is recommended to have your patio or driveway sealed.

Once your surface has been sanded, Wizard will then spray a sealant covering the entire area. Once fully dried (this takes around two hours on a nice day) the sealant will form a weatherproof durable seal. There can be great benefits adding a seal to your patio, it can help to keep your surface protected and weed free for much longer.

Having a seal applied to your surface really completes the whole process. It can help make maintaining your surface much easier and makes oil and fuel stains much easier to clean.

A seal on a pressure washed surface gives you the best possible finish and helps to enhance the natural colours in brick / stone.

If you are thinking about installing a new patio or driveway, consider having your existing one cleaned first. You might be surprised with the results and it’s a much lower cost.

So why not call Wizard today to arrange a site survey and a free, no obligation quote on 01603 748750 for guaranteed results that are visibly wizardly!

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